Can I recommend a hotel?
Please use our contact form to make a recommendation.

How often is this website updated?
We update this website after every hotel inspection. This is assuming that the hotel that we have inspected has met our high standards.

How do I set-up a property inspection?
If you are a hotelier please contact us. We will perform preliminary research and if we approve of your hotel we would then need to arrange a property inspection. Lodging needs to be provided for a period of 7 nights.

How much do I need to spend?
We have hotels for every budget. Some hotels start as low as $200 a night while some hotels are low 4 figures. You should also budget for airline tickets, car rentals, tours, food, and departure tax.

What is listed on the promotions page?
These are special discounts that we have negotiated for members of this website. They include discount codes, as well as special rates for low-season. Please bookmark us in order to access the latest promotions.

What is a flash sale?
These are sales for generally one week or less. Hotel rooms are sold at significant discounts for preselected days. Jet Setter currently offers these to members.