About Us
Who we are
We are thrill seekers, romantics, and travel writers. We have been to over 50 countries and counting on our search for the best honeymoon destinations. We believe in our mission of discovering the best places in the world.
Best Honeymoon Destinations Approved
When possible we personally visit the hotels that we recommend. We do this in order to ensure the quality and integrity of these listings. To meet our standards a hotel must not only offer first class service, they must excel in multiple departments. The most important is a unique destination that is enhanced with a unique guest experience. We prefer intimate boutique hotels where a high level of customer service is expected.

Property Inspection

If you would like for us to consider your hotel for a listing please contact us. If a site visit is requested it may be arranged depending on our travel schedule. Lodging needs to be provided for a period of 7 nights.

Limited-Time Sales
If your destination is approved we will be happy to negotiate a limited time sale. This is a sale that is exclusive to our members and that will be featured on our promotions page.